Stop the Presses! Ghosts Aren’t Real! — April 20, 2015

Stop the Presses! Ghosts Aren’t Real!

I read this article from that states “scientist” (actually civil and environmental engineers) from Clarkson University in New York, have decided that ghost sightings are probably hallucinations caused by mold spores. Because you know old buildings and the like are just loaded with mold. Plus we know that ALL ghostly sightings take place in abandoned houses.

I am not a full on believer in ghosts but this kind of article just irritates me. It’s too ridiculous to be called journalism. Click bait most likely.

I just wonder why a civil and environmental engineer is getting grant money (an assumption on my part but that’s usually where college programs receive their money, if not from donors) in something pertaining to the paranormal. A waste of time and money on their part, in my opinion.

Podcast: Mysterious Universe — April 16, 2015

Podcast: Mysterious Universe

The most important point of this blog is to disseminate information. I enjoy pod-casts and I really enjoy the hell out of science, paranormal, Fortean-type pod-casts.

One of my favorites, and to me, the best is Mysterious Universe. The MU hosts, Benjamin Grundy and Aaron Wright are from Australia. They’ve been working hard at the podcast game since 2006.

I have to admit, it’s their humorous approach to most topics, that keeps me coming back for more. I’m even a Plus member and it’s the best $9 a month I’ve ever spent. You get your free podcast every Thursday, with an extra bit for Plus members and Monday’s podcast is purely for Plus. Episodes average between 90 minutes to 2 1/2 hours.

Frankly, I listen to quite of few podcast and none have kept my attention as much at this one. The topics are not only timely and interesting but the segments and interviews they do are mind-expanding.

Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast NOW. In fact, the best stories are for the paid subscribers.It’s a given that you should forgo at least 1 Mocha Latte Frap Soy Double-Half-Caf  a month and subscribe to Mysterious Universe instead! They have the MU app for Apple and are about to unveil one for Android. You can download from their website or iTunes.