So, you’ve got a headache, you’re feeling tired and even a vacation away from your every day life, doesn’t make you feel refreshed. What could it be?

If you’re Yarmini Karaman, it’s probably just the dead twin sister in your brain. Initially thought to be a brain tumor, imagine Yarmini’s surprise when she woke up from surgery to find out that it was a teratoma: a clump of bone, hair and teeth.

“Teratoma 2 low mag” by Nephron – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Okay, so it wasn’t really her twin but at some point in Yarmini’s Mother’s womb, two embryo’s were trying to develop and one was absorbed into the surviving babies body. The human body is so freaking weird.

Parasitic twins are not completely uncommon. In 2013, a 2 year old boy, Xiao Feng, from China, was in distress, with a bloated stomach. His parent’s rushed him to the hospital and doctors were amazed to discover that the boy’s twin brother had been infused into Xiao’s stomach. The fetus was not fully formed and was removed from the poor toddler, who made a full recovery.

This makes me wonder about the souls of the absorbed twin. Is the soul or consciousness or whatever you want to call it, now part of the living child? How many of us are walking around today with a part our twin in our bodies? Have you ever found yourself of two minds about something and wondered why that other voice seems so different from what you know to be you? If it’s not schizophrenia, then perhaps it’s the twin living in your body.