The Gralien (a mash-up of the words Gray and Alien) Report, is a podcast, radio show (the KGRA station), and website hosted by the “Mouth of the South” Micah Hanks.

The show airs live on Mondays from 7 – 9 PM EST but you can find his show uploaded on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio. Micah Hanks is also an author, co-host of other podcasts, musician and so much more that I can’t even keep track. I’m sure the man never sleeps.

The Gralien Report is free but there is a subscription option called Gralien X. For $7 a month you get an extra podcast. I’m not a subscriber but I think it’s probably well worth it, if you can afford it.

In their own words, The Gralien Report is where, “we seek to better our understanding of science and the mysteries of this world, and explore new possibilities pertaining to our existence.”

Check it out.